About Uma
Uma lives in Sedona, Arizona with her dog Sabra and her cat Zimmerie.

She spends her time experiencing different healing modalities and spiritual consciousness. After attending the Boulder School of Massage in 1993 she has made a living doing massage therapy. Using her empathic ability she developed Core Deep massage.

Uma has been able to maintain her true knowing. She has had many wonderful teachers along the path, receiving one on one consciousness, absorbing information and conscious awareness. The goal is always to clean the connection to God Source: Universal Energy.

Clearing and strengthening the feeling body (the Will).

Clearing the subconscious of old programing, negative thought patterns.

In using intent, emotional release techniques, sound frequencies and expression, balancing the male female, electromagnetic frequencies as it pertains to the entire human being Uma has been able to help people suffering from panic attacks, add., ptsd, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions and much more.

To describe her knowing she calls herself an empath. Feeling deeply, Uma can assist people with movement of stuck negative energy, bringing it up to the surface fast. It is released with intent and breath.

Uma empowers people & teaches the tools needed so they themselves can clean and clear the connection to their inner knowings (God self).

This is Uma's intent. This is her love and her life.


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