Located in Sedona, Arizona, Breath & Sound Healing is devoted to guiding one on the path of conscious awakening and transformation of the human form. As your subconscious constantly strives to clean itself of old programming, thought forms and belief systems that no longer serve you, Breath & Sound Healing can guide one through a process while learning tools of breath and sound frequency techniques.

Breath & Sound Healing is interactive and expressive guiding one to find sanctuary with beingness within the human form.

We offer individual sessions, Quantum Dynamic Workshops and ongoing Quantum Dynamic Practice Groups.

Services Offered:

Individual Sessions
Quantum Dynamics
Rebirthing Breath Work
Sound Vibration using ones voice
Core Deep Body Work

Breath and Sound Healing
Quantum Dynamics Workshops - Quantum Dynamics is a tool that is used to clear the subconscious of old programming and negative thought forms. Learn about Quantum Dynamics and how to use it for yourself and family.

On going Quantum Dynamic Processing Group Sessions give you the opportunity to practice what you learn with awesome group energy.

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