We all are living on earth as multidimensional beings in human form. WOW!

We are constantly transforming our human form, whether we are aware of it or not. Integrating our totality with in universal consciousness. God's light and love. Right here, NOW, on Earth.

The kingdom of God is within us all. It is all about you regardless of what is coming up now. With any person, place, thing or event, we are the seeds, plants and blossoms of our life.

Our subconscious is constantly working to clear itself of old programs, thought forms and belief systems that no longer serve our total being. Thus creating space for God's love and light.
Bell Rock
During the course of a day we can get triggered with upsets, confusion , fatigue, physical pain and stress. This is a natural process of the subconscious working to clear itself. Simply put, the more we are able to clear density and toxicity out, the more our beings can soar fully alive, vibrating with light, color and sound frequencies.

Please join us in Sedona Arizona for an individual session.

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