Quantum Dynamics is a tool that is used to clear the
subconscious of old programming and negative thought forms.

Using breath to sweep through  this life and past life times of accumulated thought patterns and programing that no longer serve our human being now, we work with the chakras, verbal intent and sweeping breath. While intentionally calling in God's light to clear and release density and old programing, this clears upsets and triggers fast.

This method can dissolve pain and chronic problems when used regularly.

I feature on going practice groups and weekend training.

Learning the process of Quantum Dynamics requires an attunement similar to that of an Reiki initiation. You will also receive a chakra thought chart. This helps guide one threw a QD process.
Chakra Thought Chart
The chakra thought chart integrates information from nine deferent systems and relates this to the astral body, light body and chakra systems. Every thought, emotion and desire [as with all energy] have low and high frequencies. This chart asks us to release the lower frequency vibration that do not support our aliveness. Those thoughts, emotions, desires that have high enough frequency for our aliveness are infused through our intent and sacred breath with God's light to raise one's vibration into even more aliveness, light and energy.

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