Breathing is the basic element for the body to live.

Quantum Dynamics, Sessions and Trainings

Quantum Dynamics is a tool that is used to clear the subconscious of old programming and negative thought forms.

Using breath to sweep through  this life and past life times of accumulated thought patterns and programing that no longer
serve our human being now, we work with the chakras, verbal intent and sweeping breath. While intentionally calling in God's light to clear and release density and old programing, this clears upsets and triggers fast. This method can dissolve pain and chronic problems when used regularly.
Sessions- Individual sessions are for clearing core deep cellular memory.

Training- Learn about Quantum Dynamics and how to use it for yourself and family.

Practice- Quantum Dynamics training is required in order to attend QD practice groups. It gives you the opportunity to practice what you have learned with awesome group energy.

Rebirthing Breath Work

Breathing is the basic element for the body to live.

Often times our breathing is altered by what we are experiencing in the moment and by thought patterns and old programming that are surfacing. Stress, including tightening and numbing of the body over a period of time can create disease, pain and emotional confusion.

In using breathing techniques intensively in a session we can open up areas of unconscious density and numbing in the body while intentionally calling in God's light to clear and release density. Breath itself is God's light. Taking in God's light. Releasing. Letting go. AUH! Clearing + cleaning = expansion. AUH!
Rebirthing Breath Work is a session done lying horizontally while breathing continuously with a circle breath. This automatically brings up layers of density, emotions and body pains to one's consciousness and feeling body. While letting go with the breath it creates light expansion and well being.

Sound Healing

Toning using one's voice to infiltrate areas of density can instantly create expansion.
Toning helps gain confidence in expression. Finding one's voice and using sound frequencies to create expansion in our human forms.

Core Deep Body Work

Through my years as a massage therapist I developed this method of body work. Sensing the tightening pattern in the body, apply pressure where the tendons and ligaments  attach to the bone. Use one's sound expression and breath releases the holding pattern. This includes dark negative energy release (implant release), sweeping and clearing negative energy that has come up to the surface quickly and gently. Core Deep Body Work is a great way to unlock physical and energetic blockages FAST . I do 1 hour sessions and 1/2 sessions. So much gets released in a session I recommend 1/2 hour sessions for those with a busy life. A one hour core deep session is a deep treatment, and it can take time to integrate a session.

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